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You probably heard that there are many people who made millions on the Internet by just having a web site and you want to do the same thing. Good luck!

If you do not have a clue on how to create a web site, click here for the low down on how to get started, where to get a site, how to design it and what to sell as well as how to sell your site.


No one is making millions of dollars by simply having a web site. Running a business on the Internet is just like in the real world. You must have a plan and work hard to follow through.


Just because you have a web site does not mean people will be able to come to you out of the blue. You must either advertise in the real world or advertise on the Internet in order to have your site noticed. This is work! It is not really hard, but can be very tedious.

Forget about buying most of the books out there on Internet marketing promising you will make money. They are usually watered down versions of the same things. Very little information at best and padded with outlandish testimony while trying to sell you more stuff. Don Lapre is a good example!


Use common sense before jumping into any business. For example, just because the pornographic industry is a big money maker, don't jump into it unless you would do that kind of business in the real world.


If the offer seems too good to be true, it is. [Note - I didn't say "probably too good to be true" It IS too good to be true.]

Recently, there was a company called 090ISP that promised people a free adult business for the purchase of a $72 domain name. They claimed within 6 months you would make $14,500 a month or you would get the site free. The problem - the sites were nonfunctional and you never own the domain name, therefore you paid them $72 for a nonworking site that will NEVER make you money that you DON'T own. They even had the gall to play on people's greed by telling them to promote this scam to their friends, despite the fact it is known there is no REAL product to sell as of yet.


Most people out there are NOT making money. Even those who work really hard at it, had a professional site, advertised it everywhere, have gone under within a year. Some are barely turning a profit. While there are many making money with legitimate businesses, others are raking in big bucks by playing on the greed of others.


Sometimes, even the corporate sites have found that having a site does help their real world business, but very little is bought online in comparison to the real stores.


The problem is usually due to the fact that most surfers are cheap [no offense!] Face it, you could have content and freebies galore, but asking the surfer to click on a banner or sponsor link is like pulling teeth. Many great sites suffer from financial lack and give up, after all, why should they do all that hard work for nothing? Want proof? Ask yourself, while you have been on this site, did you click on any of the sponsor banners or buy something from the mall?


Another problem is most web businesses put all their eggs in one basket thinking just having a site is going to make a lot of money. The web business is a business in the true sense. You MUST work for it.

The quickest way to get people to part with their money online is if you appeal to their greed or lust. So if your business idea does not have those elements, you will have a harder time staying afloat.

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