Lawsuit Funding

With a Legal Settlement Advance, claimants can receive a cash advance based upon the validity of the case and a projected settlement. There is no repayment required until the judgment is granted and best of all, the cash advance can be used for virtually any purpose. We provide lawsuit funding,

Paying related attorneys fees
Starting a new business
Building a new dream home
Paying educational or retraining expenses
Purchasing / modifying a vehicle
Taking an exotic trip or vacation
Covering unforeseen medical expenses
Settling other legal matters
Preparing your estate
Hundreds of other reasons

Non-Recourse: You Repay Your Advance Only If You Win

Our Legal Advances are non-recourse and based on expert analysis and the merits of your case. There are no monthly repayments to make and should you lose your case, you have no obligation to repay your advance. Find out more by contacting us or submitting an online case.

What separates us from other funding companies is that we offer other consulting services other than Lawsuit funding, private money lending, buying real estate notes to best use the awarded settlements for investment services. We will refer you to a qualified investment adviser or fiduciary,

Let’s build something together.

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