Weighing the facts of Network Marketing

There are a NUMBER of network marketing plans on the internet today. However its the most misunderstood concept in the world verses business and consumer. Some of the first things marketers often tell you that everyone is a prospect or you need to recruit family and friends. First of all those are the biggest blunders made by network marketer leaders. Its a tacky way of business and its not recommended

Crazy ideas are always drummed up by inexperienced product promoters that seldom work. To put it in perspective, The seller will often say that you can earn a six figure income in six months to a year. Some will claim by stating “If I can show you how to make $ 5,000 with the next 30 days would you listen” If that’s the case you are dealing with an immature promoter that is pitching you from a written script. In order to receive residual income. The company you involve yourself in has to be financially stable with proven leadership.

Its often a mistake believing those saying the product can cure cancer or the cleaning products are non toxic because its not often the case.

If a company has to hide its name from public eye by coming up with phrases of “consumer direct” or denying that they are MLM when they are. Chances are they are hiding something. Misrepresentations is what causes most of the clout that tarnishes the Network Marketing industry. More often it the company is to blame because many times than it needs to be revisited due to the fact of internet marketers making outrageous claims. If the company allows the actions then the company is just as guilty as those who misrepresent the company in the first place.They should be arrested and charged for crimes of fraud.

Before deciding to join. You need to know some things first. Who is behind the company? What have they done before? How much experience do they have? The company finances and history. What is the product and are you going to use it? Is it of high quality? Is the price competitive? How much and how people going to be paid? Is the earnings plan ethical? How many Network marketing companies did they get involves in? Most of all are they trustworthy? Are they with the Direct Marketing Association or Direct Selling Association? Do they know what is network marketing is? Are they knowledgeable on how to create a marketing plan? Local marketing is where most people start. It is the best promotion marketing that is marketing roi that shows why focusing on marketing strategies is important.

Now so every often you will come across people that had bad experience with MLM and want to be overly critical. They may call it a pyramid scam or fraud that its a ripoff. Usually pointing out some article that discusses ponzi schemes. Well its the structure that they don’t understand. for the structure EVERY business is built on a pyramid structure! A typical corporation you have the CEO at the top, then they have their first line of directors, the directors have all their first line managers, and the managers have all their supervisors, and the supervisors have a bunch workers who are doing all the work. Think about it? Because there is lying on both sides of the issue. It may cost you if jumping on too soon

Here where it gets dangerous. If the company your involved including the leadership does not make a stand against naysayers in the world because of being afraid of negativity. Its best to look for another Network marketing company because of the over all mindset of the leadership won’t allow them to make a real defense for the product they are offering. It could be subliminal thinking or more sinister mindsets. It could set you on a direct path of eternal damnation of your soul. Because of the influx of new age cults of positive thinking. They Infiltrated the world of MLM and it causes the hype and misconceptions to reach critical mass. Many have fallen prey to the charismatic Cult leaders weaving a many untruths. People are just not educated on Multilevel marketing. b2b marketing is something that needs to be learned instead of outlandish marketing techniques. Ask them what is pay per click advertising?

Coercive persuasion and brainwashing are common tools used by charismatic leaders to control people into submission. It comes in the form of elaborate role-training regimes companies often use to change the behavior of people. Mainly dealing with mind control.

Most newbies should be aware that charismatic people know all the rights things to say to convince you their plan is right. Please don’t be bullied by high pressure sales ploys of get in now or lose out on opportunity. Do not despair, Another one will come along. The warning signs of a potentially unsafe group or leader. No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry. Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability. A safe group leader will answer your questions without becoming judgmental and punitive. The bottom line is that you have to develop the sense of detecting bullshit. Check things out, research the web to know the facts and examine the evidence.

Ask your sponsor for the names and contact information for distributors at all levels of the plan. Get in touch with them to ask the same questions you asked your sponsor. In most plans, “up-line” distributors stand to benefit when you buy into the system, so they should be willing to answer your questions with specifics. They can be your biggest ally when choosing a business to start. You should see if the up-line is having luck with the program. Chances are they may let you know if the company is in trouble. Are they focused on pay per click marketing and how it works? Being a network marketing pro is marketing articles plus learning from the masters in marketing.

The people that wish to pay more than the product being offered are just begging to be taken advantage of. Charismatic cult leaders can sense this and in turn take advantage of the clueless,the uneducated, and ignorant newbies. In closing The truth you know shall set you free. Dis-associate yourself from those who use reverse marketing techniques and those that advocate it. Reverse marketing stems from sending spammers business opportunities of your own. In retrospect reverse marketers respond to other peoples advertisements, Now really , do two wrongs make a right? Just because they spammed you does not give you the right to spam them back. Resist all urging of using the credit cards in business transactions especially when you are not working. Reject advice of advertising in a lot of Safelists, FFA links, and most traffic exchanges. Reject advice suggestions of joining MLM Preaunches. Dump Mentors that tell you advise that does not contour with common sense. Sever relations with mentors that continue to tell you there are ways to earn big money fast.

Reject sales pitches of buying high risk high risk investments stocks, or HYIP’s. And Don’t invest or buy Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency that is NOT backed by Gold or silver. This will indeed make you a much smarter consumer with powerful and sound knowledge in the long run.

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